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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new entry so I’ve decided to make this one exciting. I’ve been thinking for the last few days and I think that I should have a photography contest. I couldn’t think of any cool prizes for you guys but I still want to have the contest. So, it’ll be a-just-for-fun-contest.

Photo Categories:

1. Winter or Other Scenery

2. People or Animals

3. Random Items

Rules: 1) You can send in up to three pictures. 2) You must be able to email them to me. 3) Do not post them on here. 4) It must be of your own work, no taking pictures off the internet or from other people please. 5) Have fun.

Your pictures will be judged on originality, creativeness, and looks. There will be one winner from each category. The contest will end June 31, 2009. That should be enough time. The winners will be announced somewhere in the beginning of July, 2009.

Email you pictures to: hunterlexi5137@hotmail.com



Retrieve tubaplay Now

Link to information about TubaChristmas in Bellingham Washington:


Link for information about TubaChristmas anywhere:



TubaChristmas is an event where where tuba players and ephionium players get together to play for others to see. All you need is to look festive, $ 5.00, a music stand, and a tuba!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says “Tuba player…”? Lots of people think things like overweight, dumb, strong, powerful lungs, nobodies, ect.

Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not what all tuba players are like. Every person is different.  Take me for example, am I overweight? Am I dumb? Am I strong? No, I am not. I’m average weight, I get all A’s, and the only reason I can carry the tuba around is because I’m so used to lugging it around. The thought that tuba players have powerful lungs is true for a lot of tuba players but not all. Not all tuba players are nobodies. I on the other hand am concidered a nobody by some people but I don’t let that bother me. Our 8th grade tuba player isn’t a nobody so that proves we’re all different.  So, next time you hear someone say, “Tuba player…” think twice about us.

This video is awesome! It’s not me, I found it on youtube.

3 Valve Conn Tuba:

Musicansbuy.com- $4379.00

Woodwindbrasswind.com- $4499.00

Prowinds- $3879.00

3 Valve Conn Tuba With Hardshell Case:

Pricegrabber.com- $4979.00

Prowinds.com- $4399.00

Conn Tuba Mouthpiece:

Music123.com- $55.99

These are just some helpful sites to help you buy tubas and tuba accessories!



Talented (Tuba players are talented)

Unique (Tuba players are unique)

Breath (Tuba players have to take breath to make that booming sound)

Anticipate (Tuba players anticipate on having a good time)


Powerful (Tuba players have powerful lungs)

Lungs (Tuba players have strong lungs)

All (Tuba players rap all the instuments together)

Yell (Tuba players horn is louder than a yell)

Eye (Tuba players read their music with their eyes)

Read (Tuba players must read their music)

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